Saturday, December 6, 2008

Why 'Reality' is Relative....

I thought I'd add some additional points I was pondering: Some might have always wondered why I created the section on the Lexicon titled: "Paranormal Phenomenon Omnibus", I am by and large a skeptic about the paranormal, and I would have to add I fall under Fox Mulder's belief system - I Want To Believe. I've never had a paranormal or UFO sighting, but I suspect like many, I have wanted to have an experience.

I remember in 1997, when I was driving in California on Highway 5, from Los Angeles to the Bay Area, It's a long drive, and it was already dark by the time I was mid way, on a clear summer night, full of stars. Now Highway 5 is an incredibly boring stretch for anyone who has done it. I found myself looking up at the sky, hoping to see something unusal. I have a feeling there's something intrinsic about that kind of feeling, that many people share. I remember, as a child, around 10, going through a spell of picking up such things as 'UFO magazine' and reading about the Bermuda Triangle, just fascinated. A number of years ago, when my uncle was alive, we were at a family gathering in Marin Country, at a residence in a hillside with thick trees, on a porch. We both caught a small circular white light in the peripheral of our vision, and wondered what it was. Admittedly, It was probably an insect just at the right angle of a porch light, but we glanced at each other, commented, and wondered.

Which brings me to this point. One of the reasons why I don't pass judgment on people who make claims of witnessing something unexplained or paranormal, is because, regardless of the validity of their account, they believed they experienced something. Their reality has validity, regardless of what is true or not. Especially to those who have strong spiritual beliefs, I feel it is unwise to pass easy judgement or dismiss one belief system based on that person's reality over another. It's one of the reasons, I should add, why the Lexicon Forum has thread folders about Paranormal and unusual subjects.

Considering the species we keep uncovering in the jungles as well as deep within the oceans, this world is too just vast to believe we have uncovered all of it's secrets.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Matt,
Nice first post!
I'm glad to have this opportunity to thank you for everything that you have given to the x-phile community -and with such professionalism! Wish you all the best for the future and that the Lexicon may keep on growing!
Thank you, also, for supporting Back to Frank Black!
All the best.