Sunday, December 7, 2008

Blu Ray project adventures, Pt. 1

Orodromeus from Eat the Corn forwarded to me Donald's reactions to the Blu Ray extras:

I was proud and thrilled with the comments, let me explain. Word has circulated in many circles already that I was approached last June to assist with one area of the extras content for the Blu Ray: "I Want To Believe". It was an incredible opportunity, and there was no way, once I got an idea of the volume of work it would involve, that I could do this alone, and so I brought in two of my most trusted staffers from the Lexicon, XScribe, and Robin England, to assist. XScribe and Robin's role in the consulting and research was just as important as the role I played. They been thanked and compensated enough as it is, but I feel I must thank them again.

In truth, I'm not comfortable commenting on this in the blogisphere, mostly because, from an objective standpoint, I could see others becoming rather bored about the fellow X-Phile rattling off about an opportunity that every fan would desire. The reason why many people get into the entertainment business, is that thrill, and adrenaline rush that one get's when you present work that people responds well to. I've had that experience with documentary work I've presented, or projects for clients that are to be publicly presented. It's a feeling that's never comparable to other experiences in life. Even if your experience is to simply present your creative efforts at a local exhibit or public event in your community, it's just as valid, and will give you the same rush. I'd recommend it. Our humble role was just part of a larger exhibit, although on a global scale.

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