Sunday, June 20, 2010

The X-Files Lexicon's 5th Anniversary celebrations

When I launched The X-Files Lexicon in May of 2005, all I really had were several pipe dreams, a vision and mission statement, and about a dozen pages. I could not have imagined what would develop, and I mean, I had no idea that we would have so much luck and be so fortunate, but we have been so. I have always felt like this website is the little engine that could, steady and slow, but it has reached or surpassed its objectives. Such fortune only drives myself, and other staffers, to produce better material. Red Scully, Robin and David will always be in my debt for starting on this journey with me. There’s more to come, rest assured, but it’s nice to step back for a moment, breath and look at what has been accomplished. Now onto all of the other goodies to come in 2010! – Matt Allair, webmaster and founder.

A while before I was asked to join The X-Files Lexicon staff as the editor, I used to have vivid dreams about working behind the scenes for The X-Files series. Being part of this significant website is a real privilege. I’m very, very thankful first to Red for recommending me and then to Matt for giving me this great opportunity. – Xscribe

When Matt told me that the X-Files Lexicon had reached its 5th anniversary my first thought was: "Has it only been 5 years?" In some ways it feels like the site has been around forever, always delivering quality content and interesting reads. I'm happy to be a part of it :) Congratulations, Matt - here's to another 5 years! – Jill

With its professional articles and interviews, the whole thing orchestrated by the ever-gracious Matt, the X-Files Lexicon has become a must for all Ten Thirteen fans! Five years is a long time in the internet world, but there's no end in sight: congratulations and long live the Lexicon! – Kimon -

I'm very happy to contribute to this wonderful website because Matt is a very dedicated and efficient person that you automatically want to help. That's because he's also generous, incredibly patient and his passion is just positively contagious! It's been a pleasure to share a few pictures and artwork to add a bit of color to this amazing work. And all those interviews Matt keeps surprising us with are just little cherries on top of a delicious cake. :) – Polly

Congratulations on the Fifth Anniversary of the X-Files Lexicon. It's a great resource and a wonderful commemoration of a television series that meant so much to so many people. – Howard Gordon,
(Producer and Writer, “24” and “The X-Files”.)
Millennium fans were once described as being more restrained in their support of their franchise than X-Files fans. I would concur that this is true. When I began working on the Millennium Movie Campaign I realized the need for the Millennium Fan Community to put its head above the parapet and reach out to our brothers and sisters in the wider Ten Thirteen Fan Community for support. The first webmaster to respond with enthusiasm was Matt Allair. Though my time has come to an end on that score, the Millennium Fan Community continues to enjoy his support and we are grateful to the hand of friendship he has extended to us. I am grateful to the hand of friendship he has extended to me.

I am of the opinion that the output of Ten Thirteen encourages the support of tenacious, creative and intelligent folk who relish the sense of community our enjoyment of the shows encourages. Matt is a fine example of that opinion. Though our show has been off air for over a decade and we do not enjoy new material as our X-Files friends do, our continued efforts to support and celebrate our show is made all the easier thanks to the support of people like Matt. I am sure I speak on the behalf of the whole of Millennium Fan Community as I wish him, and The X-Files Lexicon, many more years of success and prominence. Here's to Matt!

This is who we are!

- Mark Hayden

When XF2 became a reality, one thing I knew I wanted to do this time around, was see the production up close and personal. When I had a chance to do this very thing in February of 2008, and wanted to share the experience with other fans, there was only one place I considered--The Lexicon. Matt has always been fair, generous and gracious in any correspondence, and so it was with delight that I offered him my synopsis of my Pemberton visit to the X Files set. In the ensuing time, the Lexicon has only gotten better. Congratulations, Matt, on making it to year five, and doing so with such integrity. I look forward to the next five years.
- Angie

X-Files Lexicon is a fantastic resource for any X-Files fan. A good place to call home for all Philes. Congratulations on reaching your own Season 5! – Matt Hurwitz (co-author of “The Complete X-Files”)

Congrats to Matt and crew on the fifth anniversary of XFL. Can't wait to see what's cooking for the tenth anniversary! Keep rocking. – Chris Knowles (co-author of “The Complete X-Files”, and creator of The Secret Sun Blog

I had no idea that I would end up as a writer for The X-Files Lexicon. It was a mere suggestion from a friend of mine, Mark Hayden, that told me that Matt Allair could use my useless knowledge of paranormal information for his website. Well, being an X-Files fan I couldn't pass this up. I am so happy being a part of the X-Files Lexicon Family - Joe McBrayer

Congratulations to Matt Allair and X-Files Lexicon on your 5th anniversary! Your ability to survive and thrive in this ever evolving digital world is due to one thing. Relevancy. Your site has remained an incredibly entertaining and informative resource to philes all around the globe. I personally poke around the site just for fun every now and then and smile when I realize we all share this site and this fandom in common. Congrats. – Jana Fain

Happy 5th Anniversary X-Files Lexicon! Congratulations for five years of quality X-Files news and information. I look forward to offering tenth anniversary congrats! - Maurisa - and

XFilesNews would like to wish the X-Files Lexicon a very happy 5th birthday! Congratulations on 5 years and here's to many, many more and an XF3 greenlight over the horizon! Thanks for Believing in the Future with us, Tiffany, Avi and the whole XFN Crew. – X-Files News

As a newish contributor to the Lexicon, writing articles for the site has been a fantastic experience for me. The sheer volume of knowledge on display, and the dedication of Matt and the entire staff, is astounding. As we see more and more authors leaving the community for various reasons, and long-time XF sites going down, it's heartening to have a place like The Lexicon holding strong and continuing to provide their readers with fresh material.

Just because the show is no longer on the air, that doesn't mean the fans are less interested. New people are watching the episodes on DVD every day, then heading out onto the Net to find sites and Philes with whom they can share their new-found interest. It's good to know The Lexicon will be there for them. Congratulations on your 5th anniversary! Five-times-five more years may you reign! – Mimic

Many congratulations on five years of the Lexicon! It's a terrific site, and does The X-Files proud. The series may be out of production, and its future still uncertain - but you all keep it alive. – Robert Shearman (author of “I Want To Believe: a critical guide to The X-Files, Millennium, & The Lone Gunmen”)

It has been a pleasure working with Matt and all the staff at The X-Files Lexicon. I enjoy contributing articles and sharing my memories with Phile alike.

Happy 5th Anniversary and here's to many more. – EF (Raskolnikov)

It's been a pleasure to be part of the X Files Lexicon universe and to help out the indefatigable Matt in his quest to provide the definitive guide to one of TV's most seminal shows on the net. It's remarkable (and highly gratifying) to me that a show that has been off air for quite some time now still commands such enormous affection and fervent feelings and I would like to think that the sterling work of Matt and my co-contributors has contributed a tiny part to that. Five years, eh? I'll have to celebrate with a marathon session of my favourite episodes. Let me see, "Beyond the Sea", "Irresistible", "Bad Blood", "Small Potatoes", "Tempus Fugit".... – Robin England