Tuesday, January 26, 2016

New podcast appearance on The X-Cast

Another podcast appearance in short order. The X-Cast is a fairly new UK podcast, and Tony Black was gracious enough to invite me to appear for about an hour.

We cover a range of subjects, and in spite of exhaustion, and missing a few questions on a quiz, it was fun times indeed. Everything from the premiere, favorite episodes, the history of the XFL site, The Syndicate platform, my brief thoughts on the paranormal and Carl Jung, music and film projects, and where to go next.

Mr. Black is a nice gentlemen and the podcast is worth a look.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

New Podcast appearance on Sci Fi Fidelity about XFL

Hi Everyone,

This has already been making the rounds, but the first of two podcast appearances this month. I did a brief interview with Michael Ahr, and Dave Vitagliano on Sci Fi Fidelity / Den of Geek, nice couple of gentlemen.

Where we talk about our favorite episodes, interesting segment.

You can listen here.

A little hint about our next exclusive, can you guess?