Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Something from Chris Knowles....

They're isn't much I need to comment on about the following Link. Chris, who's contributed to the Lexicon in the past, has his own blog and his approach to myth and pop culture is taken from a deep influence from Jung. Therefore his take on "I Want To Believe" is interesting.


Sunday, December 28, 2008

Regarding Those Public Service banners....

First off, I hope everyone who visit here will consider entering our contest.

For those who have visited the new redesigned site, you probably have noticed the two public service banners. Both are subjects that I have a passionate concern for and, ideally, if I can get others involved, then I’ll be quite content. Let me try and explain why the issue of Internet Neutrality and Cyberbullying is such a concern and why it should be important to others.

All webmasters, especially in America, should be far more invested in the issue of Internet Neutrality. To put this as simply as possible, to quote from the site: Net neutrality prevents Internet providers from blocking, speeding up or slowing down Web content based on it’s source, ownership or destination. Various corporate telephone and cable companies want to tax content providers to guarantee speedy delivery of their data, to discriminate in favor of their own search engines, while blocking or slowing down their competitors, to limit the bandwidth, and no longer have a level playing field. In truth, this issue is something I could envision The Lone Gunmen being involved with….and this isn’t a conspiracy theory. The legislation for Internet Neutrality already exists, it just needs to be reinforced and strengthened. While many on-line users and webmasters may think: "This will never affect me," such thinking is incorrect and I’d advise everyone to visit the website we have a banner for and research this for yourself.

Now Cyberbullying is another issue that seems to be overlooked, or off the radar of most users. Yet it is a very real problem which people should educate themselves on. Now, I have never been affected by the kind of Cyberbullying that some teens experience, but I can sympathize. I had an internet experience that indirectly related to the issue, during the period of 2000 through late 2001, I was involved with another website and met a person that eventually put me into a situation that was similar to the book and the film of “The Night Listener”. This person would invent crisis after crisis and invent people who didn’t exist. This ended badly for me, damaging my reputation with the site I was involved with, only for me to find out the truth after the fact, and the experience was so devastating for me, that I nearly swore of all internet activity for a period. You live and learn.

I hope this will compel users and webmasters to look into these issues.

Friday, December 19, 2008

On-Line "Fair Use", and why fans should care...

Being a webmaster of a website, that is devoted to a subject you love, can drive fans to such exuberance, that they tend to not pay attention to such details as the copyright, or "Fair use" of the subjects they write about. To be ignorant of these areas can put webmasters at risk, and they should really educate themselves.

I have been fortune to never have faced a cease and desist order from 20th Century Fox for the work that's done at the XF Lexicon. Crossing fingers I'm never faced with that situation. But I have been indirectly touched by the issue. At one time, years ago, I was a forum moderator and contributor to The Harry Potter Lexicon, who's owner, after getting involved with the publisher RDR, faced a lawsuit from J.K. Rowling's legal team and Warner Bros to stop publication of a print version of that website, J.K. Rowling's argument being that such a publication would be detrimental to the eventual publication of her own reference Encyclopedia about the HP world. The RDR publishers argued "Fair Use" in publishing their unauthorized edition, without the approval of the text from JKR's circle or WB. That "Fair Use" has applied to reference books in the past.

While I am not thrilled with the legal team of RDR, and feel that Steve Vander Ark was not advised or served well by them, I have also not been thrilled with the legal team of JKR or WB either. I have a lot more to say personally on the issue, but that's neither here nor there. The point being is that fellow webmasters of X-Files sites, should pay closer attention to this issue, in light of the outcome of the JKR vrs RDR case. Here's a couple of web addresses to educate anyone interested.



I do want to make it clear, as a writer of original fiction, I do believe that an author's work should be copyright protected, and others should not profit off of their work. Even if that author's work has become a cultural, and corporate, juggernaut, and I have personal doubts that the publication of a reference book from a small publisher could have much effect on that author's fortunes. But fans should respect the intellectual property of the author or creator. The precedent from this decision could affect on-line fandom in numerous areas, and webmasters should be wary of their actions, especially if it edges into the publication of their on-line work in print.

Hopefully, the relationship between corporate entertainment franchises and on-line fans will not become adversarial.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Fandom and Charity events...

I'd like to congratulate everyone behind the "all things inspired by Gillian" team for their December 6th Charity drive to cure Neurofibromatosis, a disease that has been known to lead to cancer.


As well as I'd like to acknowledge X-Files News for their reporting of the event.


The outcome bodes well for the character of those Philes who could attend, and across the board, it illustrates just how generous and caring X-Philes tend to be. Frank's appearance was very generous, and his sentiment of "I am one of you." will be appreciated by many.

Chris Carter is known for establishing "The Chris Carter Foundation", providing scholarships for students in the Sciences, so, this event on Dec 6th makes sense in a way. Chris, Frank and many Philes seem to be like minded with their view of not approaching medical scientific research as an adversary. As of this writing, I have no idea if Chris's foundation is still running, but I hope Mr. Carter continues with that avenue. It is always great to see such an example set for the belief in medical research, as has been demonstrated with Mrs. Anderson, Mr. Carter, and Mr. Spotnitz.

I hope that all X-Philes will continue to follow their example.

Blu Ray project adventures, Pt. 2

One of my staffers at the Lexicon, complimented me about what has been accomplished with the site, and that I must be 'proud'. Pride is a relative term, don't get me wrong, Indeed I am proud, of course, but no one accomplishes anything alone. You need to have others have faith in you, and to that end, I must thank Jana Fain and Frank Spotnitz for having such faith in myself and the team at the Lexicon. Both have been known to be generous with the fan base, as I previously pointed out. But it is rare in this business. The other three important people I must thank for their faith in us is Sven Davison, a very patient, generous, and pleasant man to work for, and never ceases to amaze. The two people I worked most closely with is Adam Vadnais, and Jesse Drake, and it was such a great experience working for them, as well as a real learning curve in a way. There is cast of a great many people at their company and Fox who worked on this project, all who are exceptional with their talent and professionalism. You really couldn't hope for more.

Some have been wondering what we actually did contribute to the project. In part, we were proofreaders, consultants, and researchers. We reviewed the synopsis's, characters, recommended other characters overlooked, assisted with the topics, and the dates. We also advised with a certain percentage of the video clips selected, with the hope of picking clips that were a little atypical to previous clips selected in other X-Files DVD products. I don't want to this appear, in my following point, that I am admonishing the fan base. Yet having witnessed it first hand, there are many within the Hollywood industry who do incredible work who remain faceless, and rarely get much recognition with the public. Fans can become so passionate with their love for an artist, band, writer, film, or television series, they can lose their perspective and understanding. There are many working behind the lines, or behind the camera, who love what they do, they are under incredible pressure, and do their best, as well as usually deliver. This show, "The X-Files", has established such an incredible standard, it it hard to maintain that standard. When you do, it is thrilling, when you don't, it can be very dispiriting.

I hope the public understands the intent with my points. There's really nothing left to say about the subject. I hope you enjoy the timeline feature on Blu Ray and will learn a few things, in that entertainment sort of way, along the way as well. Have fun!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Why I support the "Millennium" Movie Petition

This one will be fairly brief.

Back when the petition drive was started to sway Fox to green light a 2nd X-Files movie, I had some realistic doubts of course anything would come of it. Yet, the effort that went into that petition might have made enough of a difference to sway the studio executives at Fox. I really have to commend the staff at "Back to Frank Black" as well as "This is Who We Are".


I have never seen a more professionally run campaign, and I suspect it might make enough of a difference, that the studio will see they have marketable franchise, and it's worth taking the financial gamble. Time will tell, and remember we only have 1472 days remaining.... Depending on the Aztec 2012 calender, or Nostradamus.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Blu Ray project adventures, Pt. 1

Orodromeus from Eat the Corn forwarded to me Donald's reactions to the Blu Ray extras:


I was proud and thrilled with the comments, let me explain. Word has circulated in many circles already that I was approached last June to assist with one area of the extras content for the Blu Ray: "I Want To Believe". It was an incredible opportunity, and there was no way, once I got an idea of the volume of work it would involve, that I could do this alone, and so I brought in two of my most trusted staffers from the Lexicon, XScribe, and Robin England, to assist. XScribe and Robin's role in the consulting and research was just as important as the role I played. They been thanked and compensated enough as it is, but I feel I must thank them again.

In truth, I'm not comfortable commenting on this in the blogisphere, mostly because, from an objective standpoint, I could see others becoming rather bored about the fellow X-Phile rattling off about an opportunity that every fan would desire. The reason why many people get into the entertainment business, is that thrill, and adrenaline rush that one get's when you present work that people responds well to. I've had that experience with documentary work I've presented, or projects for clients that are to be publicly presented. It's a feeling that's never comparable to other experiences in life. Even if your experience is to simply present your creative efforts at a local exhibit or public event in your community, it's just as valid, and will give you the same rush. I'd recommend it. Our humble role was just part of a larger exhibit, although on a global scale.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Why 'Reality' is Relative....

I thought I'd add some additional points I was pondering: Some might have always wondered why I created the section on the Lexicon titled: "Paranormal Phenomenon Omnibus", I am by and large a skeptic about the paranormal, and I would have to add I fall under Fox Mulder's belief system - I Want To Believe. I've never had a paranormal or UFO sighting, but I suspect like many, I have wanted to have an experience.

I remember in 1997, when I was driving in California on Highway 5, from Los Angeles to the Bay Area, It's a long drive, and it was already dark by the time I was mid way, on a clear summer night, full of stars. Now Highway 5 is an incredibly boring stretch for anyone who has done it. I found myself looking up at the sky, hoping to see something unusal. I have a feeling there's something intrinsic about that kind of feeling, that many people share. I remember, as a child, around 10, going through a spell of picking up such things as 'UFO magazine' and reading about the Bermuda Triangle, just fascinated. A number of years ago, when my uncle was alive, we were at a family gathering in Marin Country, at a residence in a hillside with thick trees, on a porch. We both caught a small circular white light in the peripheral of our vision, and wondered what it was. Admittedly, It was probably an insect just at the right angle of a porch light, but we glanced at each other, commented, and wondered.

Which brings me to this point. One of the reasons why I don't pass judgment on people who make claims of witnessing something unexplained or paranormal, is because, regardless of the validity of their account, they believed they experienced something. Their reality has validity, regardless of what is true or not. Especially to those who have strong spiritual beliefs, I feel it is unwise to pass easy judgement or dismiss one belief system based on that person's reality over another. It's one of the reasons, I should add, why the Lexicon Forum has thread folders about Paranormal and unusual subjects.

Considering the species we keep uncovering in the jungles as well as deep within the oceans, this world is too just vast to believe we have uncovered all of it's secrets.

Introduction: Where we go...

For anyone not familiar with The X-Files Lexicon, let me introduce myself, I am the webmaster of the site, which is a reference based site about the Fox TV show. The site was established in 2005, and to our great fortune, we've managed to gain access to a number of people, which has resulted in several exclusive interviews, as well as networking and career opportunities, in that 'internet' sort of way, which is rare. We're blessed, and I never forget we're only as good as our last interview, article or piece for the site.

I'm not really certain where to go with this blog, I could do the usual thing of using this blog to promote new exclusives to the Lexicon, but I have a feeling, that's a little too predictable. So, let me start by explaining my appreciation for all things 'X-Files / Millennium'. I got into the series, The X-Files, around 1994, I was captivated by what I saw but wasn't an absolute devote until 1995. When I think about why I have stayed for faithful and focused on this, has to do with Chris Carter and the creative team. In comparison to other iconic pop culture franchises, they get it, they understand the relationship with the fan base, and within reason, they are very generous with their connections to the fans. I appreciated that, especially in an age where you see the creators of pop culture franchises who pursue lawsuits against fan sites, which the producers of the X-Files would have every right to do in many cases, and I do support protecting the rights of intellectual property, but I have yet to encounter an unpleasant situation (crossing fingers). X-philes should feel fortunate of those circumstances. I hope you'll forgive my indulgence.

We have many significant developments underway with the Lexicon, if you haven't visited it, please do.