Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Why I support the "Millennium" Movie Petition

This one will be fairly brief.

Back when the petition drive was started to sway Fox to green light a 2nd X-Files movie, I had some realistic doubts of course anything would come of it. Yet, the effort that went into that petition might have made enough of a difference to sway the studio executives at Fox. I really have to commend the staff at "Back to Frank Black" as well as "This is Who We Are".

I have never seen a more professionally run campaign, and I suspect it might make enough of a difference, that the studio will see they have marketable franchise, and it's worth taking the financial gamble. Time will tell, and remember we only have 1472 days remaining.... Depending on the Aztec 2012 calender, or Nostradamus.


Mark Ducker said...
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Mark Ducker said...

Dear Matt,
On behalf of all of us at may I extend our thanks for such a warm and supportive article. We value our friendship with you and the Lexicon team very highly and admire the constant work you commit to continuing the X-Files experience for fans of the franchise. We hope to have you affiliated to our Blog shortly. My gratitude as always,