Saturday, February 6, 2010

"Seeing is Believing" Continued...

Last January, I wrote a piece warning about taking photo and video documentation at face value. To reiterate, for Ufologists, or believers in the Paranormal, or alternative theories, should allow a degree of skepticism, in any visual documentation – again, "Seeing is Believing" isn’t often true or prudent.

The following photograph is interesting, isn't it? A friend from Oregon might have taken this picture.

Recently, I took the following video on a fairly early morning.

Strange, and a little creepy, indeed.

Let’s go back to that photo…

I have to confess, I created this photo as a fabrication, while the sources were from other UFO images, this was created using Photoshop and Illustrator. Special thank you must go out to BJ Booth, for his gracious permission.

And while I did indeed take the video, it was on a stormy day, with heavy winds that were pounding the window’s of an apartment above me, and during a moment when the sun had broken out to cast a light reflection on the adjacent window. The light reflection throbbed, a hint of a human shape could be seen. But I have a very talented, old friend named Mark Solario, adept with such film software as After Effects and Final Cut, who manipulated the image to make an otherwise mundane image look paranormal.

There was a time, in the early history of UFO and Paranormal documentation, up through the 70s where it was more difficult to create Hoaxes, but with the advent of photo-realistic digital technology in the 90s, as illustrated above, it is all too easy to pull from sources and create any scenario.

Which brings us to the event in Norway last December 2009, the photos and videos, I admit, looked strange, and while I have doubts it was a failed Russian rocket test, as some have claimed, I also have been left wondering if this was an artificial event?

While this clearly doesn’t qualify as sharing any similarities to the manufactured photo and video I illustrated above, as there were countless video and film documentations of the event from various locations in that region, My first thought, my first impression, the actual image reminded me of the Spiral Galaxy animations that could be found at a Planetarium / Lazarium.

Could this have been an image projected into the Nordic skies, using a powerful Lazar Holographic projection system? If this was a staged hoax, it was a rather expensive one, as such a projection systems, from what I understand, and even if they exist, are cost prohibitive. Then there is the question as to why someone would stage something so elaborate without it being connected to some promotion campaign? I can’t say, perhaps to remind people that there is more to this planet than we have been conditioned to accept.

To those who do want to believe, the best advice is to not believe so fervently that you become blind to the fact when something isn’t there. Or to paraphrase Mr. Sherlock Holmes: "When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."

Ultimately, finding the truth, that should the aim of such a journey.

Special thank you must go to BJ Booth for his permission of using the following photos here and here from his site.

A great thank you must go to Mark Solario for his incredible work in the production of that video clip. If you are interested Mark’s other work, you can reach him at the following E-mail:

Spiral Norway UFO image pulled from Chris Knowles' Secret Sun Blog site.