Saturday, December 6, 2008

Introduction: Where we go...

For anyone not familiar with The X-Files Lexicon, let me introduce myself, I am the webmaster of the site, which is a reference based site about the Fox TV show. The site was established in 2005, and to our great fortune, we've managed to gain access to a number of people, which has resulted in several exclusive interviews, as well as networking and career opportunities, in that 'internet' sort of way, which is rare. We're blessed, and I never forget we're only as good as our last interview, article or piece for the site.

I'm not really certain where to go with this blog, I could do the usual thing of using this blog to promote new exclusives to the Lexicon, but I have a feeling, that's a little too predictable. So, let me start by explaining my appreciation for all things 'X-Files / Millennium'. I got into the series, The X-Files, around 1994, I was captivated by what I saw but wasn't an absolute devote until 1995. When I think about why I have stayed for faithful and focused on this, has to do with Chris Carter and the creative team. In comparison to other iconic pop culture franchises, they get it, they understand the relationship with the fan base, and within reason, they are very generous with their connections to the fans. I appreciated that, especially in an age where you see the creators of pop culture franchises who pursue lawsuits against fan sites, which the producers of the X-Files would have every right to do in many cases, and I do support protecting the rights of intellectual property, but I have yet to encounter an unpleasant situation (crossing fingers). X-philes should feel fortunate of those circumstances. I hope you'll forgive my indulgence.

We have many significant developments underway with the Lexicon, if you haven't visited it, please do.

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