Friday, December 12, 2008

Blu Ray project adventures, Pt. 2

One of my staffers at the Lexicon, complimented me about what has been accomplished with the site, and that I must be 'proud'. Pride is a relative term, don't get me wrong, Indeed I am proud, of course, but no one accomplishes anything alone. You need to have others have faith in you, and to that end, I must thank Jana Fain and Frank Spotnitz for having such faith in myself and the team at the Lexicon. Both have been known to be generous with the fan base, as I previously pointed out. But it is rare in this business. The other three important people I must thank for their faith in us is Sven Davison, a very patient, generous, and pleasant man to work for, and never ceases to amaze. The two people I worked most closely with is Adam Vadnais, and Jesse Drake, and it was such a great experience working for them, as well as a real learning curve in a way. There is cast of a great many people at their company and Fox who worked on this project, all who are exceptional with their talent and professionalism. You really couldn't hope for more.

Some have been wondering what we actually did contribute to the project. In part, we were proofreaders, consultants, and researchers. We reviewed the synopsis's, characters, recommended other characters overlooked, assisted with the topics, and the dates. We also advised with a certain percentage of the video clips selected, with the hope of picking clips that were a little atypical to previous clips selected in other X-Files DVD products. I don't want to this appear, in my following point, that I am admonishing the fan base. Yet having witnessed it first hand, there are many within the Hollywood industry who do incredible work who remain faceless, and rarely get much recognition with the public. Fans can become so passionate with their love for an artist, band, writer, film, or television series, they can lose their perspective and understanding. There are many working behind the lines, or behind the camera, who love what they do, they are under incredible pressure, and do their best, as well as usually deliver. This show, "The X-Files", has established such an incredible standard, it it hard to maintain that standard. When you do, it is thrilling, when you don't, it can be very dispiriting.

I hope the public understands the intent with my points. There's really nothing left to say about the subject. I hope you enjoy the timeline feature on Blu Ray and will learn a few things, in that entertainment sort of way, along the way as well. Have fun!

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