Monday, August 4, 2014

If I May...

(The Coming Storms and Shelters)

I have a piece I intend to release soon that will run counter to some colleagues within the alt research community. It stands to reason this will be viewed in an explosive light, but when I see so many missing some key connections, then I can’t really sit idle, as it’s become pretty evident that a gauntlet has to be thrown down. Having stated that point, I do intend to have the Lexicon blog go back to its regular features – the Deconstructing series, the Esoteric studies, X-aminations, and wrap up the final points of the Ophiuchus Code series, which was written with a sense of impending strife’s, storms, and challenges back in 2010, and done with the filter of seeing that there’s really nothing new under the sun, both on a social level and a karmic level. Much of the same strife we saw in the 1930s around the world is repeating itself. I’ve lived long enough to recall seeing the same patterns, as well as being a keen student of history, I have come to understand it all really boils down to choices – to wise up and not repeat the same mistakes.

I won’t do myself any good, and I won’t do others any good, dear reader, to just go along with consensus thinking, either in the mainstream, or the alternative research community, or left or right factions. No one should get complacent by what they are told, on any side of the social sphere. One should take hold of their own future and become it’s master, meaning don’t resign yourself to one narrative about fate or destiny, all actions have a cause an effect, both the negative and positive ones.

The X-Files dealt with the theme of finding the light in the darkness. In the past, some have compared myself to Scully, but I have always been able to identify with Mulder. While headstrong, Mulder was also capable of processing new information and adapting in his search for something greater.

Back in the period around 1994-1995, I went through a personal transitional period, I felt trapped in a situation that felt bound by obligation, right out of college, and I had a friend who’s father was dying of cancer. I was doing a lot of self-evaluation over what I wanted to become, how to become a different person that wasn’t bound by the baggage of their parents – and mostly to become brave enough to take risks and make a better life happen, this culminated in my move to Los Angeles in 1995 to pursue my creative career and open myself up to relationships. While it might sound strange, I was listening to Seal’s “Prayer for the Dying”, and it had a big impact, helping me to solidify my resolve to take those risks, as it reminded me that life is finite and you have to grab what you can. Many of those songs hold as much of a global relevance today as they did a personal one back then.

Once someone has gone past the point of fear, there’s nothing left to lose. People have to learn to become fearless in their own way.

Seal with the effervescent Joni Mitchell

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