Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Shadow Self: Within and Without

I have been taking a break from this blog and re-evaluating a lot of the remaining objectives of what needs to be said. Let me begin from the psychological maestro himself.

There’s a lot of rage that I see, a lot of frustration, a lot of inability to process what is going on in the news media, a healthy mistrust that has dovetailed into someone aimless. Anger without direction serves no purpose, and one must be wary of any self-appointed expert, or self-appointed guru, that merely drives one to lose their bearings, and their way. Jung had written extensively about the shadow self, that aspect of our personalizes that drives us to self destruction without our knowledge, but I find the shadow self also applies to us collectively as a society.

Much of what I am seeing, I saw coming about two years ago, certain articles I haven’t followed up with, due to a lot of external conflicts which I won’t go into, I will attempt to tackle shortly, as the evidence is mounting, dear reader, that we are at a crucial juncture in America and the world. Some conspiracies are not conspiracies when they are right in one’s face. For all the preoccupation with “False Flags”, crypto-conspiracies, and obfuscation. One always needs to base conclusions on the facts, and making sound connections to base a theory.

Often when one make decisions in anger, you make poor choices, that also applies to disseminating the flood of information that exists, one must keep their bearings in this world. There are those, whom through their own anger, or baggage, or hubris, are more invested in issuing their point of view at the expense of a dialog, that they are more than happy to appeal to your shadow self, and publically offer up anger as a kind of branding, image, or stick.

Dear reader, be mindful of keeping your bearings at this time. Do your own research, don’t just trust one figurehead, become your own leader, you have the answers within yourself, for each of us that guru might just be within. Keep guard of those from without. A lot more thoughts are coming on some vital issues.

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