Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sirius Mystery Debate sources...

While we have a number of substantial Lexicon Blog articles in the works soon, the following treatise was brought to my attention, regarding Robert Temple’s rebuttal to Carl Sagan’s critique of Temple’s book, The Sirius Mystery, first published in 1976.

Sagan’s critique titled, "White Dwarf’s and Green Men" was published in Omni magazine, 1979. You can find out the contents of that issue from this page.

Unfortunately, Sagan’s piece isn’t available on-line, probably due to copyright issues, but the Temple’s answer to his critics can be found, and uploaded in the following PDF file.

For anyone not familiar with the Sirius Mystery, in a nutshell, the origin of the issue deals with Ancient Astronaut Theory, an African tribe called Dogon, whom Temple argues, had contact with an extra-terrestrial amphibious race known as Nommos, some 5,000 years ago, and that this contact is reflected in their art and culture. The Dogon had knowledge of Sirius B and Sirius A, as well as a third star in that system.

Sagan’s critique has given a lot of ammunition to skeptics on the issue for decades, this piece spells out Temple’s attempts through Omni to correct Sagan’s, more lax, and sloppy data.

Anyway, this is an interesting subject for fans to chew on until we publish a new wave of articles. This month has turned into promo announcement month, expect a few more notices in the next couple of days.

Special thanks must go to Secret Sun follower, Douglas Stingley for calling attention to this.

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