Saturday, December 12, 2009

Perception and the Unexplained...

Recently, I’ve seen a lot more discussion about aspects of the UFO phenomenon,
namely what these extra-terrestrial, or ultra-terrestrials could be. I have no more answers then anyone else on the credibility and speculation of these issues. I have recently revisited a fascinating documentary from 2004 that I highly recommend, "What the Bleep Do We Know?", which mostly deals with physics, religion, and, in part, perception. There’s one fascinating segment that deals with an account of what indigenous people of America, in the Caribbean saw when Columbus was arriving in the new world. The natives could not see the approaching ships, it was the Shaman who for many days, watched the changing patterns in the water until finally they saw the on-coming clippers, it was the shaman who the natives believed and trusted that caused them to see the ships themselves. Due to present neurological scientific research, our receptors, our eyes, ears, and senses, receive four hundred billion bits of information per second, yet our brain only process two thousand bits per second, think about that. In other words our brain imprints the ability of what we can see. We can only see what we believe is possible.

A second point in this documentary touches on an experiment conducted in Japan, with the notion that ideas, words, and thoughts could alter the molecules of water, the point being that if an idea can alter the nature of water, what could it do to our own bodies? That’s a pretty astounding notion. If we create our own reality, isn’t it possible we create our own inhibitors to what we can perceive?

Now, taking a leap with what is going on with the UFO phenomenon or our exposure to ET / UT’s. Chris Knowles recently disclosed his thoughts on aspects of the UFO phenomenon, and theories about Ultra-Terrestrials.

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I won’t reiterate here all of his points, but I welcome everyone to take a look. The only point I will add is, what if these Ultra Terrestrials are more evolved variations of ourselves, humans that have mastered time travel, and are visiting us to influence, shape our present to insure our future? Which brings us to the main point cited, perhaps what has been referred to in the past as Angels, Demon’s, Farries, or at present Greys, are all part and partial of the same thing? Even that idea, that our future race, perhaps not even from earth anymore has traveled back to our present would boggle the mind, and operate beyond all of our point of reference, but perhaps this entire issue is far more Terrestrial then we’d like to accept.

Connecting this idea with the framework of that documentary, if we only have a framework, or a point of reference, wouldn’t it make sense we interpret these visitations as Extra-Terrestrial?

On the day we are able to open the floodgates and able to widen our perception, taking in closer to that Four hundred Billion bits of information we presently cannot process, will the construct we operate under be radically altered? Could we have contemporary shaman’s that are helping to alter the reality we presently create?

Maybe H.P. Lovecraft was right when he spoke of elder gods that would drive mortal men to madness upon seeing, and grasping. Perhaps it will all depend on the kind of personal heaven and hell we bring into that processing. Just something to ponder.

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