Monday, November 9, 2009

Something fun...

Not much to comment on, but I finally had access to a Blu Ray player and found the special thanks credit that’s hidden as an Easter egg feature of “I Want To Believe”, And so I took this picture.

It’s a long story, but enough time has gone by that perhaps this is fitting to do this. Blu ray players will probably rule the world before too long.

For anyone interested in finding this on your own: You can go to the Complete X-Files Timeline, Goto season 8, episode “Alone”, where you see an “X” beside the title. After you watch the video clip, replay the clip, and play around with the top / bottom / right / left buttons and that should trigger the page. My profound thanks as always to Mike Marek, I hope to make it up to him someday.


Mark Hayden said...

It always bewilders me how people find these things in the first instance. I require written instructions to find easter eggs and can't believe people happen upon them quite by chance.

That's some tribute Matt, you must be awfully proud.

The X-Files Lexicon Blog said...

Hi Mark, actually the week the Blu Ray was being released, the producers told me where to find it, but it has taken this long to confirm it for the obvious previously stated reasons.